Friday, August 22, 2008

Next Is What?

Faster than a speeding bullet (Thanks to hours of exercising in the gym)

More powerful than a locomotive (Able to withstand the pain of waxing his chest and tweezing his eyebrows)

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! (Hmm, this bit he cannot do,he still has to walk or take the lift!)

Look up! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Metrosexual Man!

He's not just on T.V. now! He's on the street with gelled hair and sunglasses. He is in your office wearing a pink shirt (It's so hard to find good colours like lilac, pink for females! All the colours I like are there in the menswear section now!). He's in your salon in the chair next to you getting a facial or his hair straightened or his hands manicured. He's in your living-room watching a chick-flick, in your kitchen helping with the cooking.

I think guys always had these traits but did not express it. Whatever it is, this new metrosexual side is quite a change from the "Me no cook, Me no shop, Me the He-man" kind of mentality. So ladies, if you see your guy fussing about his hair/weight, sharing your night-cream, under-eye gel, face-scrub, face-mask, undergarment, skirt...relax, he is just showing his metro sexual side. Oh, but if the last bit is true, you may want to keep an eye on him.


Anonymous said...

Funny One..It reminded me of my ex-boyfriend..He visited the salon more times than me :-)

Bridget said...


netfandu said...

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Rambler said...

I will add the second half of that ha..Ha Ha :-).


lkober said...

When I saw that evolution jpg I thought the logical answer to the ??? was a WOMAN.

Rambler said...

Hmm,interesting thought.Well metrosexuals do have most of the feminine traits,so what better than put up a pic of the most famous metrosexual!

Tazeen said...

David Beckham is sooooooooooo drool worthy, its not even funny

Rambler said...

Ya i know, while searching for an image for this post, i went through soooooo many of his pics.I think i forgot why i googled him in the first place and just stared at his pics :-)

Kat said...

I love the pic of David Beckham! You have to appreciate the body if nothing else....LOL
Post some more!!!

Rambler said...

Believe me,I would love to drool at some more pics of Beckham..But it would be too creepy to put up just his pics on my blog!!

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