Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Dream Of...

They say dreams are the windows of the soul--take a peek and you can see the inner workings, the nuts and bolts.
Henry Bromel

If that is true, no one can analyze my soul based on my dreams. I wish my dreams were stored on my brain's hard-disk rather than on RAM. The minute I wake up, I forget what I was dreaming about. One of the hazards of being a sound sleeper, I guess. I can probably sleep through an earthquake. I have been told by my roomies that I talk in my sleep. My mom told me that she has heard me swearing and shouting a couple of times when I am asleep. Which is weird, coz my swearing phase ended with school; and now I cuss only when I am hopping mad and that too only in the company of some kindred spirits.

Then why in my dreams? Probably the result of bottling up things in my head. Keeping mum about the things you don't like may be good in the short run. You can avoid confrontations, misunderstandings with your friends/family this way. You can be a master at poker-face. But when the subconscious mind takes over, the mask crumbles. The things that you don't say, the feelings that you don't express, ultimately find a way of coming out. It may be in the form of sarcasm, a snide remark now and then, loss of sleep/appetite, grouchiness.

There is only dream that I remember. And that too because it is a recurring one. In the dream I am floating on air. Not flying in the sky, mind you. And not doing any fantastic stuff or soaring like an eagle through distant lands. I see myself going through my normal daily routine but my body is levitated. What can it mean? A) I am possessed by an evil spirit. B) I am going to invent a shoe which allows people to levitate.

Those who know me will tell you that probability of A being true is greater.


ConfusedIAm said...

Oh.. I know what that mean.

You need to try on some dope.. You need it badly.. So try first with some alcohol, tequila shots, tobacco and then finally some of the good green stuff.

Anyways.. I talk in my sleep daily. I dont know why. I also dont have a sound sleep at all. No matter how much I sleep.. it still feels less.

If you find out why we talk in sleep let me know. Also try out that thing I suggested and then you will levitate while you are awake.

Rambler said...

Good advice. I am beginning to think that i should stop acting so prissy and go ahead and try some of the stuff.
You talk in your sleep too? I am always worried that I am going to blurt out all my secrets :-)

Suspended Animation said...

Hey Rambler,

Thanks for stopping by.... read your posts... 5 people in IT.. :D
I am yet to join the IT bandwagon.. but I see myself in the role of the eternal whiner or the grossly misfit.. :)
And I share similar emotions about my 1100 and 2600 Nokia.. but I'll tell you.. now that I have a 6300 with camera, radio, music and unlimited message storage... my divorce with 2600 and 1100 seems justified... and not all people with camera phones take weird pics of themselves.. :P
But yes.. its still risky to check their photographs.. especially people living in girl or boys hostels.. :)

Keep reading..

Enjoy and take care...

Thomas said...

I agree with the whole...need a hard drive in my brain thing. My dreams are the same way. They are so lucid and detailed, but when I wake up I'm completely devoid of memory. And lucky me, I get a nightmare as a recurring dream.

Anonymous said...

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Rambler said...

You seem to have the same problem as mine.I sometimes feel like getting up in the middle of the night and write down what I am dreaming!!

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