Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Because The Stars Told Me So...

Why O why did I read Linda Goodman when I was a teenager? I was born on Mar 21, which makes me a Pisces/Aries Cusp or "Parisces" (Wanna check if you were born on the Cusp_Signs). I could have turned out to be a normal Piscean (normal as compared to Aries). But no, I had to go and read Linda Goodman and was horrified to find out that I was doomed to be irritable, quick tempered, restless, sometimes intolerant and contentious. I am going to stop adding more to this list; I am pretty sure if you have ever dealt with an Arian, you will have lots and lots and lots of not-so-flattering adjectives to add :-).

Jokes apart, I don't really bother with horoscope/star signs everyday, nor do I walk around with umpteen gemstone rings and lockets; hoping that it will change me for the better. But I have observed many a times, that even though I don't really believe in astrology, I tend to read my horoscope more carefully when I am facing rough times. Sometimes, I even go and read horoscope of other star signs to try and find out if they might be in a better mood today or if it's a good time to resolve issues. I know it's idiotic, but I don't generally go to others with my problems. So, I have to resort to means, however illogical, to calm myself down. As long as I am not taking the extreme route and resorting to sacrifices and other mumbo-jumbo, I think I am OK. A leetle bit of cuckooness never hurt anyone!

All said and done, if I believe that all the negative traits of my star sign are true, then hope is not lost coz there are some positive traits in there too. In the past, I have got away by saying "That's the way I am, I can't help it!". Now I know, there is nothing that cannot be changed about oneself, all you need is the realization that there is something that needs mending plus the will to mend things. Uff, so now, I have 26 years of damage to repair.

P.S. I really shouldn't blame reading Linda Goodman early on for the way I am now. Guess you can't escape what the stars foretell. How else can you explain my Sr. Kg. teacher's comments on my report card stating "She should not bully others"? I am pretty sure that I had no idea about star signs at that age, so I couldn't have faked Arian characteristics :-).

Monday, May 11, 2009

One Ring To Bind Them...

Ria: "You are late!!!!!!!!!!I have been waiting for my cell phone to ring since the last one hour!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Raj: "Whoa, I can almost hear the exclamation marks through the phone. I am sorry sweetheart I was stuck in a meeting. I was desperately waiting for it to end, so I could call you and listen to your sweet voice."

Ria: "Liar, don't think you can fool me with your senti dialogues."

Raj: "Aah, you still don't trust me, don't you? I love you baby!"

Ria (*giggles): "Ya ya, I know that. Listen, I gotta go. I am reaching Mumbai on Friday. I will see you on the weekend?"

Raj: "Sure, I can't wait. Bye sweetie, I miss you." Click

Rahul: "How can you talk such nonsense over the phone yaar? I was almost gagging while listening to your conversation."

Raj: "Ha ha. You won't understand. You have to do all sorts of things when you are dating."

Rahul: "So, how long has this been going on?"

Raj: "Oh, just for a year or so. Ria works for Jet Airways on domestic routes and Tammy on the Mumbai-London sector. One of them is usually around in Mumbai; and when they are not, I call them up on their cell phone. A phone bill of few thousands is worth dating the two of them!"

P.S. I think I will name the male characters in all my stories as Raj or Rahul or any other name immortalized by SRK. Once, I have had enough, then will move on to the next one Prem. It's easier than trying to think of names which are not of your friends/relatives or anyone who's known to you.

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