Friday, August 15, 2008

Freedom Is...

What does freedom mean to me? Nothing special really. I think I take freedom for granted, that I should be able to say what I want, do what I want! I was thinking about the extremes we have with respect to the fundamental rights of our constitution.

Right to equality

We have abolished things like untouchability. But if we want social equality, why are we pushing for more and more castes and reservations? If we have abolished titles why are we still using terms like Maharani, Nawab for some people? And when it comes to equality before law, power and money has put some people above the law. People have gotten away with scams, frauds and even murder.

Right to freedom

Its ok for us to have saas-bahu soaps on prime time with scandals, extra-marital affairs, illegitimate children, superstition etc etc on prime-time. But every time a high-profile movie releases, one or the other group decides to take the law in its hands and protest against a scene or a song. We sue artists for expressing their creativity. Tell me, what % of Indian population goes to art exhibitions and what % watches T.V.? And why doesn't anyone ever protest against sleazy B-grade, C-grade films?

If the Indian Constitution states that we have the freedom to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India why do we resent people from other states? Do we want to be a nation or a ghetto?

Right against exploitation

I don't know if forced labor still exists. But child labor and trafficking of human beings certainly does. It's not the evil landlords who always employ children, the so-called elite and educated class also doesn't think twice about employing children as long as its cheap labor.

Right to freedom of religion

We give people right to choose their religion. But when everybody starts exercising it, we disrupt the mass conversions and threaten those who have converted.

I think my post is getting too long so I will just skip the rest. If you are still awake after reading this far, you can check this out:

If you think about it, our constitution has probably taken care of everything. Even if these seven fundamental rights are observed properly, it would solve half our problems. We need to send all the politicians for a crash course in democracy and constitution first!! Democracy is a tricky thing isn't it. The way I interpret these rights may be totally different from how you do. What may be an aimless protest to me, it may be freedom of expression for you! And that's what is best about democracy. That both of us can voice these different opinions and live in the same country!


Anonymous said...

hey mate, "Right to freedom of religion" means right to practice once religion and no religion should be given preference by the state and fundamental right doesn't give you right to convert others for your savior and then cry foul when social tension flare up in the society.

Rambler said...

Hey mate, Absolutely correct. That's what I said in the end, its the way you interpret these rights. You can twist them any way you want to suit yourself!

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