Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Vote Or Not To Vote...

Till this morning, I hadn't decided whether I would vote or not. One major reason for that was that I hadn't yet decided who I was going to vote for. In the end, I finally dragged myself to the polling booth. As I stood in front of the electronic voting machine, I was almost tempted to cast my vote by doing "In pin safety pin, in pin out".

As a child, I always used to hear/read stories of the triumph of good over evil. Forget that, even in movies, you see Uncle Sam's heroes vanquishing all evil; be it villains, terrorists, aliens, dinosaurs etc etc. When it comes to elections, is there ever a clear cut demarcation between good and evil? Today, I did not choose good over evil. I chose the lesser evil of them all. (At least that's what I think; only time will tell whether I am right or wrong!)

P.S. I have never been able to show the middle finger to anyone. I find it very off-putting. Even when I am hopping mad and swearing left right and centre, I have never been able to do it. Once, I tried to see how it looks; by raising my middle finger in front of a mirror, and was absolutely disgusted by the image. But today, I will gladly show my finger to anyone!!


Anonymous said...

You Voted ???

No wonder MNS has had such a lead... All due to u, we have Sonia Antonio Maino of the mafia family of Sicily and her daughter Bianca and Raul, ruling us...


i seriously wished u voted in college days..atleast we wud have had, nice union leaders around us to ogle...not those PC SAVLANI & BHAWAANI types.


Rambler said...

Ha, as if I would vote for MNS..Although I shouldn't scoff so much; the idiot I voted for was no better.

Can you honestly remember any union leader worthy of being ogled at?I can't, probably that's why I never voted :-)

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