Monday, May 11, 2009

One Ring To Bind Them...

Ria: "You are late!!!!!!!!!!I have been waiting for my cell phone to ring since the last one hour!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Raj: "Whoa, I can almost hear the exclamation marks through the phone. I am sorry sweetheart I was stuck in a meeting. I was desperately waiting for it to end, so I could call you and listen to your sweet voice."

Ria: "Liar, don't think you can fool me with your senti dialogues."

Raj: "Aah, you still don't trust me, don't you? I love you baby!"

Ria (*giggles): "Ya ya, I know that. Listen, I gotta go. I am reaching Mumbai on Friday. I will see you on the weekend?"

Raj: "Sure, I can't wait. Bye sweetie, I miss you." Click

Rahul: "How can you talk such nonsense over the phone yaar? I was almost gagging while listening to your conversation."

Raj: "Ha ha. You won't understand. You have to do all sorts of things when you are dating."

Rahul: "So, how long has this been going on?"

Raj: "Oh, just for a year or so. Ria works for Jet Airways on domestic routes and Tammy on the Mumbai-London sector. One of them is usually around in Mumbai; and when they are not, I call them up on their cell phone. A phone bill of few thousands is worth dating the two of them!"

P.S. I think I will name the male characters in all my stories as Raj or Rahul or any other name immortalized by SRK. Once, I have had enough, then will move on to the next one Prem. It's easier than trying to think of names which are not of your friends/relatives or anyone who's known to you.


Anonymous said...

well that was a funny one. But for most girls boys are Raj and for most boys girls are, well whatever name you can think off!!!!!. God when will both of them learn that there are even nice people amongst them!!! :)

Rambler said...

:-)..Oh, but for most girls,boys are Raj in a good sense; who make them turn all dreamy-eyed and senti...

KParthasarathi said...

Call him by any name but he doesn't seem to be trustwothy.How do the girls find out the true nature of such guys?Is it a gamble after all?
The update agaisnt your name in my blog isn't working.I just checked why you are not writing for long and there you are posting now and then.

Rambler said...

Trustworthy, he certainly isn't..I think girls believe what they want to. Sometimes they have all the signs in front of their eyes and yet they refuse to see it..
No idea why the update isn't working, some bug i guess :-)

As the Mind Meanders said...

In my mind... the other side of the coin... I wonder what Ria was up to while she "waited" for her phone to ring... those exotic location she visits with those good looking blokes always around :-)

Here is my take... and extension of the story...

Ria puts down the phone to find Tabby smiling at her.

"Whats with you" says Tabby "You always give that fellow a hard time"

"You have to keep men on their toes or they get too bull headed"

"But what about Mark. He seems so smitten too. The two of you looked so much in love yesterday"

"Shut up Tabby. Mark is cute. But Raj has more money. Anyway, it was the just the feeling of romance in the air. By the way did you think Mark and I went a little far with our public display of affection yesterday"

"When has that started bothering you Ria"

"Well" says Ria with a tinge of mischief "Since the new pilot joined us. He looks sooo cute. But last evening, he had his eyes just for you b!t@#"

"Shut Up" says Tabby and then as an afterthought "Was he really looking at me?"

Curtain Draws. The audience cheers.

Rambler said...

@As the Mind Meanders
Now the story is complete :-).
Oh and welcome to my blog.Cya around...

Kaddu said...

Ha ha ha! Cool write-up & loved Meandering Mind's sequel to it!

Rambler said...

Ya, the story seems complete after meandering mind's sequel...

Whats in a Name said...

The post can go upside down if we replace Jet AirHostesses with the Air India Ones...

Rambler said...

@Whats in a Name
That's not a very nice thing to say about the AI air-hostesses :-).

rajnish said...

Nice twist in the tale by the mind meanders.I smiled all the way through bot part 1 by Rambler and Part 2 by TMM.

First time on your blog.Quite entertaining.

Keep walking..

Rambler said...

Yup, you got the sequel to the post right here :-).
Welcome to my blog. Cya around :-)

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