Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Retail Therapy May Be Good For My Soul...

But not for my soles or wallet!

Having spent almost the entire last month in malls, I am ready to turn myself in rehab for shopping addiction!!! The only saving grace is that I wasn't shopping for myself. So, I am not completely beyond help!

I think I am turning into a mall rat. Almost every other weekend I visit the mall near my house and spend hours window-shopping. At least that's what I tell myself when I leave for the mall, but then it doesn't help if you have a shopaholic mom, the window-shopping inevitably turns into a guilty shopping trip. Guilty because I know that I already have a closetful of clothes, a shoe cubby which threatens to spill out every time I open it, and a collection of handbags/purses which is gathering dust. Pretty soon, I should be getting Shopper of the year award!

Put semi-nude pictures of models/actors and a sale ad in front of me, and my eyes will automatically focus on the sale ones! OK, that's a lie; I'll enjoy my fill of the semi-nude ones and then scan through the details of the sale; which mall, how much discount, sale period etc etc.

That's a far cry from the days, when shopping meant tagging along with parents to the local non-branded stores in small by lanes of the city; when shopping was restricted mostly to birthdays and festivals; when a new pair of shoes was supposed to last through one school term.

How many handbags/shoes/clothes/jewellery should a normal female possess? To go one step further, let me add number of suitors also to this list. Is there ever a point when one can look back and say, "No more! I think that's enough!"


Anonymous said...

well!! one more mall lover. Not only your mom almost everybody's mom is addicted to malls. I personally still believe in the old-school shopping of bargaining. You may be missing local non-branded stores because of the endless malls in mumbai. Trust me in small cities the flavour of shopping is still the same!!! so explore the country...old days might come running back....:))

KParthasarathi said...

Brought smile while reading your post.Humourously written,Sheba.

Rambler said...

Well,join the club! Good for you, if u like bargain hunting..I am always worried about being ripped off, so never really did it!

Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

the post should have been titled as

Confessions of a Shop-a-holic

Rambler said...

No no no, let me live in denial..I am not a shopaholic..As anyone who knows me will tell u, I am the biggest miser on planet earth!

Anonymous said...


well bargain can be fun,markets in delhi are the living try it.

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