Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Once I Had A Secret Love...

And my secret love's no secret anymore

But it's OK, I guess. Since I never told him nor will it matter to him if I disclose his identity over here. I saw him first when I was in pre-teens and fell in love (infatuated would be the right word) with him. He was handsome, brave, strong, funny, a thief...and also a cartoon character; Aladdin. Though, till date, I am not sure whom I liked more; Genie or Aladdin? Ahh, if only Genie wasn't blue, which woman wouldn't love a man who fulfilled all her wishes!!

Having been at the receiving end of a respectable amount of crushes, first-love, infatuation (I can't be more clinical than this!), I have been surprised, delighted, shocked, irritated, sad. It's amazing how many emotions that one word can evoke! Now, if I was a giddy teenage girl, I would talk of red roses, chocolates, long hours on the phone, daydreaming. Of waiting for something to happen on Valentine's day, of not losing hope even while cycling back to home after school, and of disappointment that it ended like just another ordinary day. Of living in the moment and not knowing/caring what the future holds. Of secret crushes and mushy songs/movies.

I may not be a teen anymore, but I still like/expect some of the things which I have written in the previous para (It's not required to list that here! This is not a "10 Tips To Woo Me" kind of post !). But, I can't talk of "What is Love" and write down cutesy stuff. (Though I just love to read the "Love is" cartoons! If you like them too, then check this out: Wise in the ways of the world and perhaps a little disillusioned becoz of it; I can say that along with all the mushy,sweet feelings sometimes love's more about patience. Sometimes it's keeping nasty thoughts to yourself, of letting go, of a seemingly endless waiting period, of changes in oneself (for better or for worse) Sometimes it's not knowing whether it's love or being habituated to a person. Sometimes it's not about being overdramatic and thinking that you couldn't possibly live without that person; it's knowing that your life would go on as before even if you ended up alone, but you simply choose not to let go of him/her.

P.S: Note to self: Watching chick-flick and extreeeeeeemmely sentimental movies over the weekend makes one prone to write senti and nonsensical posts!


Anonymous said...

awww so cute :)

maverick said...

This is not a "10 Tips To Woo Me " kind of post

ha ha ha

i am waiting for that post now :)

Rambler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rambler said...

Thanx :-)

Sure, I'll write that post, if I end up that desperate :-)

Shravan said...

good post there. loved reading.. :)

Ferox Magister said...

Cheeeeting !! Cheeeeeting !! Cheeeeting !!.... The Guy in most of the Cartoons looks unhappy.

Guys are equally happy to be in Love.

Sweet Cartoons :-)

Rambler said...

@Ferox Magister
Well yea, I never noticed the guy's expressions in the cartoons. He does
seem a little unhappy.

Ferox Magister said...


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