Friday, October 24, 2008

Dumb And Dumber

"How did you fit ice into a bottle?"

"There is no impact to existing code/process."
The Idiot in the next cubicle

"I am sorry... 2 years." And she believed it!

Someone goes to jail,someone does not go to jail, something happens, something doesn't happen, we vandalize buses, train coaches, shops etc. As it is, there are so many problems with infrastructure in our country. And we have a mob that is ever-ready to destroy public property. Do they not realize that tomorrow when the rioting stops, they will not have enough buses/trains to travel in?


Sakhi said...

If they could think so much as what will be there after the rioting has stopped, they would not be doing such vandalisation in the first place. But, alas!

Anonymous said...

tell did u get that ICE into that bottle??? I am yet to know

Rambler said...

Now now, you are making fun of me..I already admitted that I am dumb
sometimes (yea only sometimes, I like to think that I am pretty smart most of the times!)

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