Friday, September 26, 2008

A Tale Of Three Cities

This is not where my life began. But by virtue of living in this city for close to fifteen years, it has to be the first in the series. I can't even begin to write down all the happy/sad memories of this city.

One thing that leaving this city has taught me is that, it's quite easy to live in the past, to hold on to old friends, good memories. But in a way that blocks new memories from being formed. It's also very easy to completely forget the past and the bad memories, lose touch with people. And how difficult it is to move on, smile while remembering the happy memories and hopefully become all the wiser after the bad ones!

For me, it's a city of lot of firsts and some seconds. First job, first time away from home... Living apart from family and having the freedom to do a hell lot of stuff made me realize a lot of things about myself. Things I took for granted, things I craved for, things that didn't seem so wonderful once I had experienced them, things I had pushed in the backseat of my mind...

Although my tryst with Pune was short, it leaves a whole bunch of memories in my head. Some happy, some sad, some which will turn out to be happy/sad...only Time will tell!

My birthplace and my current home. Almost all my memories of Bombay are linked to childhood. Travelling to Bombay every vacation, bugging mom about how long till we reach Bombay Central, knowing that we are close just by the smell, drinking coffee prepared by my granny stealthily in the kitchen, fighting with my brothers. Somehow, the memories of adulthood have not sinked in.

I think of Bombay as a stopover for my next destination. I feel like I am waiting at the airport(domestic or international...not sure) looking at the schedule. I can see the flights getting delayed, some flights getting cancelled; and am wondering which flight is mine!

P.S: It's not much of a tale, is it? Oh well, I wasn't aiming for the Booker. I had sooo many thoughts in my head for this post, that I couldn't focus. And some things were too personal or too embarrasing or too idiotic to mention here.


sawan said...

maybe i could suggest you a title if you could write a book on it - "my life,my way".. promise that u wud sent a digital copy of it to me :-)
nice post!!

Rambler said...

Thanks. i think if i ever wrote a book it would be "my way or the highway" :-)..though i am tryiinnng so hard not to send too many ppl on the highway

ConfusedIAm said...

hey nice post. Hmm.. If you want to write something personal or idiotic and want to keep it anonymous you can always use fake ids...

I liked the way you said that we should not hold on to the past so much. Your baby was telling me that when we think too much about the future or the past we dont enjoy the present.

Rambler said...

Thanks...Yea i know i can use fake ids, but then I wanted to have a blog which was completely about myself, my thoughts,feelings etc etc..and have my name on the blog

I always knew baby and I were soulmates...see, we even think alike ;-)

Tazeen said...

Even though you think you were not aiming for a booker, it all made loads of sense to me :)

Nikhil Narayanan said...

First timer here.
Isn't it too early to write on the cities you have lived?

May you go places!
Will be back.


Rambler said...

Thanx. Feel glad and a little surprised that someone was able to make sense of it. Coz, I held back so much!

@nikhil narayanan
Thanx for dropping by..
Early? Probably yes..but why should only old people get to tell stories. What if I fall prey to dementia and lose my memory?Who'll tell my story then? :-)

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