Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Do You Get When You Put Two Girls In A Room?

Contrary to what the title of this post suggests, this is not going to be a kinky post. So, if you wandered to this post, after reading the title,sorry to disappoint you.

Once upon a time, there were two female roomies....And they lived happily ever after.

Ever wondered why no one has ever heard of this story? One always hears that two females can't live together without murdering each other after a while. Although I think it's a tad bit exaggerated, it is true to some extent.

It's not that we live in a war zone. If you happen to drop in unannounced, you'll be able to hear scrambling going on the other rooms to hide underthings and other objectionable items. This is also accompanied by sounds of frantic attempts to dress appropriately, washing off the henna/egg/curd from the hair, scrubbing off face-pack. It's a myth that only guys live like pigs and a flat inhabited by females will always be all clean and pink and smelling like perfume. If it not were for the maid who cleaned our flats there would be unwashed dishes and laundry, hair here there everywhere. But God forbid, if two roomies fall for the same guy. Then all hell breaks loose. And like any war, there are innocent people who are affected;the other roomies.

All said and done, if you are lucky enough to live with like-minded females, life is all fun. Where else will you find companions for umpteen shopping trips, endless gossip/bitching sessions about movies, fashion, guys, work, family, etc etc. It makes a lot of difference between being able to enjoy living apart from family and wanting to run back home.

And then there are female roomies who lived happily ever-after
Ever-after meaning
A. Till the end of the lease
B. Until they have a fallout
C. Forever...if they fall in love


deeps said...

lol .. thats a hilarious one..!!
not much idea as to if the situation is as bright as it sounds here ...
but i know, guys when staying together would 'only' make the rooms mess .. ;-)

deeps said...

ohh nor am i an xpert at cooking .. but when mood permits n situation fits i do some circus there ... umm what comes isnt that bad anyway :-)

sakhi said...

ha...ha..ha... how true!! :) you remeinded me of the college days!! :)

maxi said...

hello there. visiting your blog from sweden! nice one!

hope everything is well with you.

maxi of

narayanan said...

A very great truth said in a free flowing style. The name you selected is just fine. Rambling rambler. todd

Saurabh said...

Hmmm... you said the right, two females can't live together (without killing each-other!).

I also ramble at

Tip said...

ha ha. nice one.

What happens when guys live together you know?

Lots of farting and smoking and addition to what you mentioned above.

Rambler said...

I used to think so too, but having lived with females I think they are as bad as guys when it comes to messy rooms

See you around

Thanx..well, i did put a lot of thought into the name for this blog..

Guys are more laidback and don't fuss about small things,maybe that's why they don't have that much trouble living together

You forgot to add drinking..I have seen bottles and bottles of liquor lying around in their homes like showpieces!!!

Koyeli said...

Very true, every life has its own charm and living with roommates is something which can be as enjoyable as we make it.

Rambler said...

I never though living with females would be fun. I always thought I would either go deaf/crazy with the high-pitch squealings and gigglings..But it has its good and bad moments..All depends on the roomie you end up with!

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