Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mind Your Ps And Qs

I swear I have never heard so many thank-yous, welcome and sorry in my entire life than in the last few months! I am thinking of writing a program which will automatically print out thanks at the end of every sentence in email/chat, or welcome/no problem when someone else types thanks. Just as there are smiley buttons, there should also be thanks, welcome and sorry buttons in chat applications.

It's not that I am a fan of the "No sorry, no thanks in friendship/love" rule. I think that works only in the initial honeymoon period. I have realized that it is as important to be civil to your friends and family as it is with strangers. Too many times I have given excuses for my bad behavior as a personality trait. And too many times I have excused others' bad behavior also for the same reason.

I am a firm believer of not using too many thank-yous, welcome and sorry in my day-to-day routine. I don't understand the logic behind saying these words after every sentence. I would rather not create situations where I end up having to say sorry. Or have to say thank you for small things when I don't mean it. And I would rather that people don't say sorry unless they mean it. Coz, if you hurt me and say sorry later on, I will probably forgive you the first few times. But if you hurt me again and again, then I will just interpret your sorry as "Sorry, I am going to hurt you the next time also." Politeness is a virtue which works best when it is combined with honesty; otherwise it becomes just a formality. Like having to get up and say good-morning when the teacher comes in class. Or having a "Thanks and Regards" or "Sincerely Yours" in one's signature.

But as they say; When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, I am going to limit my personal opinion to this blog and join the Romans. But, if I have to fake it, then I might as well go the whole hog! I am thinking of sending an email at the end of day which goes like this (Think of all the rest my fingers will get from typing the same words over and over again throughout the day!)

               Thanks for all the help, support that you extended today. Welcome, if I have been of any help to you. Sorry, if I caused any inconvenience or hurt you in any way.



Keep Guessing said...

Thanks for all the help, support that you extended today. Welcome, if I have been of any help to you. Sorry, if I caused any inconvenience or hurt you in any way.

Sheba" [/i]

He he he...thats too whacky..but guess u've got to follow such protocols if u wanna lead the romans and climb up the corporate ladder...Imagine ur own plight if u write down something like
"Hey YOU {Name},
You think you deserver Thanks for all the help, support that you extended today? even a 10 month old baby wud do it more adroitly.Dont u dare comment on my help expecting me to say "Welcome"...You think i wud be Sorry, if I caused any inconvenience or hurt you in any way.


why not try this sometime? U know wat? My PL had once asked me to resend a mail to the client because I hadnt thanked him for this extended co-operation and that was not yelling at us for the rest of few hour at night... and at the end he wanted to sign it off with Warm and Best Regards...BullShit...wanted to slap the baldy then and there...but then guess as they say Paapi pet ke liye karna padta hai... so I ended off with the following...

It was so great to work with you and I really want to thank you for the extended co-operation we got from your side. I would definitely deign it as my pleasure to work with you once again, hoping you would definitely give us the opportunity.
With Hearty Thanks & Warm Regards,
Keep Guessing[/i]

Writing each and every word was such a tremendous blow to my ego...felt i was actually kissing their rear...lolz.. thats how the world is I guess..

Rambler said...

@Keep Guessing
Ya sure, I will try out your version of the email,when I want to get fired :-)

Smita said...

lol....The sorry's & the thank you's...

Though I don't feel bugged up with them but yes the artifical kinds do irk me :)

Lilly's Life said...

That is a great post and you are right. When we use these words too much they end up meaning nothing. But tis kind of expected whihc an be annoying - good luck with your email. I may borrow it and do the same.

Rambler said...

@Smita,@Lilly's Life
Thanks.Exactly,I have nothing against the genuine thank-yous/sorrys.But the fake ones irk me!

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