Monday, December 29, 2008

The Ghosts Of New Year Past, Present And Future

(Warning: This is going to be a very cryptic Dear Diary kind of you might wanna skip it. And my sincere apologies to Dickens who must be rolling in his grave coz of this post inspired by Christmas Carol. Mr. Dickens, please believe me when I say that "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery".)

The Ghost Of New Year Past

He doesn't always visit me at the end of the year. He turns up whenever he wants to torment me with haunting and scary images from the past. From time to time, he makes sure to remind me of the mistakes from the year gone by. I should hate him the most for tormenting me like this. But I know he keeps me from repeating the same mistakes again, so I try not to mind. Though sometimes I wish that he would not drag up the same things, that he would stop when I have realized my fault and let me be.

The Ghost Of New Year Present

This year the spirit seems to be more or less happy with me. Even though I had made no promises to him or to myself, I know he won't haunt me this time. He has a slight frown on his face though, as if to say that he is not happy with what I have done this year; that I could have done more. But I hope he understands that I have made an attempt to change things. He shakes his head as if to say that I am starting to lag behind, I tell him I am happy with my pace; that I will surely reach there (Where is 'there'?, you might ask..I am still trying to figure that out!). He groans and tells me that I am just using peace of mind as an excuse not to move forward, I respond that he would never be able to understand how much I craved peace; and that now I am ready for whatever life throws at me. He warns me not to isolate myself again, I assure him that even though I am tempted to, I will try not to do that.

The Ghost Of New Year Future

I have never been able to determine how he looks like or what he wants from me. He is the least corporeal of all the three spirits. He is engulfed in a fog and as I try to get closer, he moves further and further away. Sometimes, I give up trying to reach him, and at other times I am not able to resist myself. I keep on wondering what he looks like; does he look happy, contented, sad, frightening, disappointed or frustrated? But he always manages to evade my attempts to catch him. I think he wants me to be more patient, so I will just let it least for now.

P.S.: I can't believe how fast the year has gone by!! Mr. Einstein, your theory of relativity doesn't seem to work in my case. Even when I am deliriously happy or down in the dumps, time still flies by at an alarmingly rapid pace!!!


Ferox Magister said...

TIME : - One element in all our lives, which can not be seen, Touched or Felt. But each one of us wish to have control on the same. Every New Year tells us, where have we reached in the race of Life and tells us that could we relax or should we Run faster towards our Goal.

Each New year gives us another reason to smile for going round the Sun another time. Its a new cycle to start over with more energy and a better Strategy to overcome the obstacles of Life.

Happy New Year Every One.

Anonymous said...

i guess i could decrypt it...
don't worry... its all the same here with me...

basically we suffer frm a mental disorder called BiPolar Syndrome...happy or sad we are indifferent to time...its all the same to us. Actually we arent that pathetically sad yet that time would slow down for us and life wud become mundane...its just coz that we accept wat life throws at us and yet walk with the same speed that time seems to fly by...

compare the ghost of christmas past to the ghost of christmas it so that it all happened just yesterday???? time flew off so easily???

Sometimes I wish you could turn back time and live forever with the Ghosts of Christmas Past...They seem to be less formidable than the ones of present and future...

There is soothing comfort even in the most poignant of memories.Its just the uncertainity of the future that we dread and i dread my deepest fears will come true... so i dread the ghost of the future most... whose ur fav?

Rambler said...

Bipolar Syndrome huh, yea I guess everybody suffers from a mild strain of it.
I am not in favour of living in the past even if it had happy memories;and the Ghost of past is definitely not my fav!!!

I think I prefer the Ghost of future, maybe coz I don't know anything about him. He may turn out to be worse than the past or present, but there's also a possibility that he may be better than them. With the past and present, I already know how things were/are, but the future can bring anything.

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