Saturday, December 13, 2008

When Recession Strikes...

  • A slight note of displeasure from the client turns into hour long meetings at offshore.
  • Your manager sees you leaving the office at 6, and wonders if he should assign some more work to you.
  • People no longer want to stay on-bench.
  • You have to fight for every pen/stapler/notepad that you need in office.
  • The toilet paper starts vanishing slowly from the bathrooms.
  • You put in a little something for your company, your client, the stock market, the economy in your morning prayers.
  • You start getting a nagging feeling, that you should update your resume and update your skills, so as to be prepared.
  • You start reading economic section of the newspaper or check your company's stock value.


Mberenis said...

Grrrrrrrrrreat blog!!!

Don't let the recession get you down. When was the last time you looked at government grants? With the bailout, there is more money than ever. Don't miss out.

My Grant Blog

Tip said...

Hi Sheba.

Did not know you had a blog!!

Well done for just having a blog..

I parsed through some of your posts, and they are quite good.

I am missing Mumbai terribly too, just as is evident from your deja vu post.

Keep blogging.

Rambler said...

Well, I can still find some humour in recession, so that means it has not got me down :-).

Hey, thanx for dropping by. Though, I think you have been here earlier also :-)..Mumbai is mumbai, u hate the city when u live here, and miss it when you are away.

Tip said...

"Though, I think you have been here earlier also...."

Correction Sheba...I have my residence in Mumbai...I was brought up in Mumbai...Just those five years in Baroda from 8th to 12th...

So u see Mumbai is's in my blood.

Sandradb said...

So funny, so sad and so, so true!
Great post!

Saurabh said...

Good humour. "...and wonders if he should assign some more work to you," Hahaha... some more work! Well, work is life these days.

Rambler said...

So, you are a pakka mumbaikar! :-)

Thanx for dropping by.. Cya around!

Believe me that thought must be coming to your manager's mind :-)

rahul m said...

my bench period is the best time i have spent is software industry ,better than the "innovations" i have done otherwise ,sad ppl will not be able to enjoy that period now

deeps said...

whether blog or a diary, writing down something about ourselves make a differnce ...

hope none of these has really affected and bothered you ..

nice day

KParthasarathi said...

Your post brought cheer in an otherwise dull scenario.Nice blog
Have anice day

Ferox Magister said...

The only thing the world is worried today is about the Crunch. But I think we should have something similar to this for every one to be worried about Peace and Harmony.

May we all have a beautiful smile each morning & say welcome to another day in Peace..

Rambler said...

Even I had enjoyed the bench period. It was a good break and gave me ample time to spend some time on updating my skills and just plain goofing around. But now, I would be worried if I have to be on bench.

@KParthasarathi, @Shravan
Welcome to my blog.Cya around!

@Ferox Magister
Well, in times of recession, money is going to be on everyone's mind and everything else will be secondary.

KParthasarathi said...

Season's greetings and Happy New Year.

Simply Ridiculous said...

Yup.. And you tend to get more and more work during recession..

Rambler said...

@Simply Ridiculous
Well, lotsa people get fired during recession, so I guess the ones that remain end up working twice as hard

mAnIaC! said...

Our coffee vending machines started dispensing half (of the original volume) glassed coffee, and we concluded its definitely recesion.

P.S.: The faulty vending machine was fixed last week!

But yes, it was definitely a time, when you thought - it is either you or that tissue paper, that will remain! But the wagon wheel has started rotating again, I see so many fresh faces now, and wonder if any measures are taken, so as to mitigate recession, if it occurs all over again!

Rambler said...

Well, yea, the recession does seem to be over now..Hiring is going on full-fledged in our office too. Just wish they would give us our increments before hiring others :-(

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