Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Five Lesser Known Things About Me...

I have been tagged by Amrit to write about five lesser known things about me. For a while I wondered whether I should disclose my neurosis to the world, but then I figured very few of my friends read my blog, my family is unaware that I write, so it doesn't matter.

1. I have a slight, very very very slight strain of OCD. It's not like "I have to wash my hands 10 times a day or I'll die" kinds. But sometimes I keep on checking and double-checking and triple checking things that I have already done; like checking if I have closed the door, paid the bills, check the code/docs that I have prepared in office for errors, wondering about the above things while I am driving to home/office. I have never told this to anyone and even made fun of a friend who thinks she has OCD, mainly because I have a feeling that it started because I read up on OCD. And secondly because I know in my case it's not that much of a problem.

2. I show my mean side only to the people who are closest to me. Very few people know about this, because there are only few people that I am close to. I don't think it stems from wanting people to like me, coz I never really wanted to be Ms. Popular. But that has become second nature to me now, I am polite to strangers/colleagues/casual friends; polite and impersonal, not letting anyone get too close to me.

3. I used to think I was a cleanoholic. I liked things spic and span and in their proper places. I didn't even like untidy people with shaggy hair, baggy clothes. But when I had to do the cleaning myself, I let go. It's just too much hard work! Now, I have compromised by keeping one side of my bed cluttered and the other side all neat and proper; by clearing up the clutter from my desktop and mailboxes. I go on cleaning sprees every weekend and organize everything and forget about it for the next couple of days.

4. I hate asking people for help or telling anyone my problems. There were times when my 2-wheeler broke down/ran out of petrol, but I would drag it alone, not asking for help and giving dirty looks to those few who did stop to offer help. I don't think I can pull off the damsel in distress look. I have listened to the problems of many of my friends (sometimes sympathetically, sometimes faking it), but I rarely talk about my problems with others.

5. I like to watch little kids walking, as they hold someone else's hand and their little feet try to keep up. It always brings a smile to my face. I don't go "Oh how cute" and rush to hold kids. I prefer to watch them from afar and smile at their antics.

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you are reading this post and feel like doing this tag, do let me know. And when you are commenting on this write, do write at least one lesser known thing about yourself.


Subhayan "Wrahool" Mukerjee said...

nice to know more about you !

KParthasarathi said...

I hv only two things in common with you:(1) and partly (2).I am unable to overcome (1).Mean to those I know closely means I am generous and forgiving to strangers.I believe we shd not make a fetish of not seeking help in some situations or in extending. Such self appraisal though not thro tag is good I think

pawan said...

Good one!
Nice to way to express your self!

Btw, it has been quite a long time since you managed to post an article of 'Your' calibre! Waiting for that!


Amrit said...

Hey Sheba..(see, I dint add one extra 'e' this time :) ). Thanks so much for doing this tag. Lemme know you like doing tags or not..you know why I am asking this :) Ya..more might come :)

Great insights about yourself. I very much agree to point 2...I think we throw our tantrums on close ones. Hmm...so you dont like taking help!!! But it is a good thing..I mean if taking help helps..then why not (my opinion..no offence lady)

Prabodh said...

Hi Sheba , It was good of you to share the things which ppl dnt know about you....Good Post ....

pawan said...

I have tagged you! Visit my blog to know more!


Lila said...

After reading your post, i have also started to appreciate the way children walk. There is something so innocent and sweet about the way a child holds its mothers hand and trusts her with everything. And though I am a very untidy person, i am trying to clean up more.

Amol Naik said...

I totally agree with you on the 4th point. I never ask people for help...It makes me feel awful, but at times it helps to solve problems faster...

So..I am changing...!!!

JD said...

i like to see children laugh and play but not from far. I do pick them up whenever i see them..
nice post here

Whats In A Name said...

I have compromised so much with cleanliness that I keep both the ends of my bed dirty!!!!

I shall do this tag soon on my blog!!

Manish aka WhatsinaName

Rambler said...

@Subhayan, @Prabodh
Nice to know that you liked knowing more about me :-)

Hmm, I think everyone has a slight strain of OCD, so that's nothing to
worry about. Since I started working, asking for help has become a lot easier. There are dependencies on others, and times when others know more than you. At these times, there is no option but to relent.

I don't think there is anything wrong in this kind of self-appraisal thru tags. I have all these thoughts swirling in my head, writing them down helps a lot.

I don't know what 'my' calibre is :-). But I do know that I haven't been posting seriously since the last couple of weeks. Preoccupied with other stuff plus lack of inspiration.

Yes, I can see you spelled my name correctly this time :-). Hmmm, I like tags but sensible ones like the 15 books tag, this one was also nice.
Anyways, if you tag me and I don't feel like doing it, I will let you know.
Hope that's ok.

I think I prefer not asking for help, because I won't like it if someone doesn't help. That's another one of my problems, I don't like hearing no
:-). This is a very dangerous tag, I am spilling all my secrets!!!!!

@Lila, @JD
Lila, this is your first time here. Isn't it?
Yes, little kids are a pleasure to watch. I especially love to watch the very young ones who are just learning how to walk. They are so excited and their little feet go in all directions while they try to keep up.

Yea, I think I will end up like that too :-). Oh good, but where will you post that tag, on your poorjokes.in site? I havent seen your personal site/blog yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi.....I happily agree with you on points no.2,3 and 4 :) ENJOY!!


Koyeli said...

Nice write up. I agree with point 5. I do enjoy watching kids but never go over board to please them

sm said...

nice excellent
about hand washing dont think its bad or you do it more,
recently its proven by science that its good to wash hand more times daily, everytime when we wash hands we should spend minimum 15 to 30 seconds each time to kil the germs without use of soap.

mAnIaC! said...

(1) is OCD, whereas Point (3) is a way to control it; but still revolves around OCD. So you are still to share yet another point!

Regarding OCD, doctors say that eventually after a certain age, it does lead to STRESS. eg: You need to clean the closet, and refrigerator, and kitchen.. and if you can't do it as your age advances, you keep a STACK of things to be done, and finally not DOING it leads to a STRESS, a cause of lot of diseases!

So, with this philosophy of mine, at my Mumbai Residence, have started fighting it (as usually all mommies suffer from this --> yet another philosphy :P)!
We usually involve a lazy execution of one such thing per day. eg: We don't roll over the bedsheets after getting up, until afternoon (even after mom scolding us for 10 times). Not cleaning the kitchen on another day and so on...
(Inspired from the series - THE MONK - to fight against 1 OCD per day).

Crazy Guy, me, eh?

Pankaj Upadhyay said...

Woww nice writing.. :)

nice to know 5 beautiful things about you.

About Me:
1- OCD - no idea
2- you've got a match here..
3- completely oppsite.. I'm a complete mess..
4- same as you
5- Adding to that I like to watch old faces. BTW I rarely do eye contacts but I think nowadays I have started looking at people and pondering that what they would be thinking.. kind of mind reading.. :)

Nice to know you and feed automaticall got added to my feedreader :)

Rambler said...

Thanks for dropping by on my blog...

Kids can be quite unpredictable, may start crying/shouting/peeing, so their antics are best enjoyed from afar...Just kidding

Oh, I am not denying the sanitary benefits of hand-washing. I was talking about OCD.

I think 5 secrets are enough for now. Don't wanna reveal more :-). Good luck in your fight against OCD.

Hey welcome to my blog. And thanks for adding me to your feedreader.

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