Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beating The Blues...

Since I have been struck by a very severe bout of Blues for quite some time, I thought why not turn it into a post. (A question to fellow bloggers: Is it just me or do you look for material in everything since you started blogging?)

Fortunately/Unfortunately the weather is just adding to my current mood. It's dull and cloudy and starts raining just when I am about to leave for office. The budget promises no miracles (at least for me). There may be no increments this year. Rakhi Sawant is back on T.V. as a coy, blushing bride-to-be (I am absolutely ashamed to admit that I watched 1-2 episodes of the show, but I have sworn not watch any more!). Ok, so I admit that the above reasons have got nothing to do with my mood. But they will have to do for this post.

I don't know about everyone but I follow a pattern when I am down in the dumps. And I also have a dos/don'ts list to last me through these troubled times.
  • Throw out the sad songs of Kishore Kumar
All you Kishore Kumar fans, before you get ready to lynch me, hear me out. I have never understood the logic of listening to sad songs when you are already in a sad mood. If nothing, these songs just make me cry. So, I scroll through my play-list in search of all the item numbers and disco songs. One of my favourites is this one: "Mummy ko nahi hai pata" A friend and I used to play this song when we had to work on Saturday or when we were in a grouchy mood, and laugh at the ridiculous lyrics of this song.
  • Stay away from tear-jerkers
Same logic as with the above point. Sci-fi/horror/comedy, anything will work. So I ended up watching The Dark Knight (Is it too late to marvel at the Joker's performance?), Shawshank Redemption (Almost everyone I know keeps on going on and on about this movie), The Others (Only the twist was good, the whole movie was a bore), Chandni Chowk To China (But only for 5 minutes,Akki's movies are becoming more and more senseless)
  • Stock up on Moov/Iodex
They really come in handy after every inch of my body starts aching because of too much exercise. I love walking and used to go for a walk whenever I had too much on my mind. But ever since moving to Mumbai, walks are restricted to the treadmill. So, I am always saying to myself "2 more minutes","5 more crunches","2 more laps" till I am about to pass out.
  • Shake a leg
Well dancing does help. But for me shaking a leg is more of restless fidgeting. Even on normal days, I tend to fidget a lot, but on the days I am bluesy, it becomes more pronounced. So, I will never need to buy the
morning walker!!! That's good, isn't it?
  • Go on a binge
Which can be smoking/drinking/eating. The first two options don't count in my case. And as far as eating is concerned, I tend to go the opposite way. If only I had a tendency to binge, I would have crossed the 50kg mark long back. But unfortunately/fortunately, I had to eat my way through for so many years to cross that mark.

P.S. The list is not complete. That's deliberate coz I wanna hear from you what you do when you are down. Oh and please write about doable stuff.Don't write about stuff like; Go on a trip to Himalayas, or something like


Amrit said...

I am a movie freak, and watching movies uplift my mood. Sometimes, I plug my PlayStation and go mad gaming.

I meet frnds...I feel when ppl are around it takes away the tinge of sadness.

By the way, my first time here. :)
And yes, cheer up lady! :)

Anonymous said...

Chocolates, Ice cream, Sex, Talking to your best friend

(Not necessarily in that order)

--u know who this is...

Whats In A Name said...


1)Turn on the tv and watch India TV :-P. Its really funny.. But dont see it for more then 15 minutes..

2)Search weird and funny youtube videos. They really help.

3) Call up your best friend and talk for a while.

4) Eat so much that all blood supply shifts to your stomach and you fall asleep.

5) Take your car/two wheeler out and go for a ride in the rain; without the raincoat..

6) Ask mummy to chumpy your head with a little Navratna thanda thanda cool cool Oil.

7) visit :-P

Should leave a little for others..

As the Mind Meanders said...

I dont suffer from Moody Blues all that often.. so when I do... I tend to enjoy them fully. This is what I do:

a. Listen to sad songs. I mean... when someone sings something like "Ghunguroo ki tarah... bajta hi raha hun main"... it is bound to raise my spirits... itna bhi nahin baja hun main. You can also sit back and ruminate ke "lyricist soch kya raha tha jab likha tha usne yeh"

b. Watch fish swimming in a tank and play "Wish You were here" by Floyd. Feel good about the fact that unlike the fish and the floyd - at least you don't have a lead role in a fishbowl.

c. Eat seven plates of pani puri. Then one stops worrying about whatever one was worrying about and starts worrying about the implication of eating seven plates of pani puri - the next morning is clear and painful.

d. Travel by Mumbai's trains in peak hours. Find someone's chameli-oil scented hair in your mouth, at the same time smell someones arm-pits, an elbow in your rib-cage and an umbrella in your eye... Suddenly the world is red and not blue...

e. Meet your girlfriend / girl who is a friend - Ask her how was her day. Once she takes off... you are taken down. Then suddenly you start wondering if you had any problems at all or if they are just starting now...

f. Read a comment written by losers (like this one) which has to context to the request on the blog post. Thank God that at least you have been blessed with more sense than this imbecile...

pawan said...

Quite contrary to you, I do the following things when sad:

1) Being a movie freak, I watch some intense tear glands exercising movies, they tell you that you are in a far better condition than the movie's characters (I recommend Lilja-4-ever the best of this kind)

2) Sleep like a log, and you will forget the rest automatically.

3) Listen to songs that give a surge of adrenaline (well I would only mention one name here, David Bowie's "The Hearts Filthy Lesson"

4) Blog!. The best posts come when sad, its true and it always works for me.

5) Use the Jab We Met formula, call your enemy and abuse him/her.

6) Reply to this comment in the most abusive way, just your heart tells you to!

(Hope you come out from this moody stuff soon!)

Rambler said...

Welcome to my blog..Hope to cya around.

I like watching movies too, a good movie can really make you feel better. And a bad one will frustrate you so much, you will forget your real problems :-).

Gaming; I play freecell or scrabble :-).

I very well know who you are. That's why I am not deleting your comment...Idiot, couldn't you have swapped this comment and the one on FB.

@Manish (Don't worry I will closely guard your name :-))
India TV, oh no,I don't wanna jump out the window.Yea chatting/talking/emailing/hanging out with friends does help a lot. I hate driving, I prefer daydreaming while the driver is worrying about the potholes :-). Ha ha, you don't need to plug your site, I already visit it.

@As the Mind Meanders
That pani puri one was too funny. But I can manage 7 plates, if I wanna worry about diarrhoea, I would eat prawns. I am allergic to them. Hey, don't you dare call my commentators(and that includes you too) losers. I am quite fond of them all :-)

Lilja?Do you mean Lajja?I have watched, it was ok. And in any case, I don't like watching depressing movies. Oh but sleep is hard to come by when you are troubled. Yes, blogging does help and I usually churn out 2-3 posts when I am disturbed. This time,it was just too much. JWM is a good idea, ought to try that one.

#$@!#$!#$!@$!#$#, Oh yea you are right, abusing does help :-0

pawan said...

Btw, Lilja-4-ever is a Swedish movie and I don't know of any movie named Lajja! :P

Amrit said...

Yes ofcourse. You will see me much often here. During the weekend will dig into your older posts. (**Amrit is trying to sound like a little busy bee :)**).

By the way, how are yuu today? Blues over? :)

Thanks for visiting my space. Even I hope to see ya around. I am a movie freak and I love romantic flick. That page has not been updated for a long time..and it should have a section of other genres as well.
By the way, I have made a list of 50 romantic movies...lemme know if you want to have a look at it. Infact, you can let me knwo the ones I missed. :)

Have fun.

Prabodh said...

Hummm ....When I m down.....
Option-1 : Try to see a Romatic comedy movie....nothing other than that.

Option-2 : Watch Tom/Jerry have downloaded all the series...But if that doens't work ..then go to option-3

Option-3 : Call my Niece Ria(5 yrs) and shriya(3 yrs) .....but if it late night I call up my frnds....

Option-4 : Try making maggie ...or tea this are the only 2 things I know other than boiling water and milk...:p

Option-5 : Get hooked up with net (orkut,facebook,twitter,youtube(see forthcoming movies trailers and Rahu srivastava jokes), blogs...

Option-6 : Listen to my fav songs.....

But Guess what if all this all doesn't helps i do the best thing...GO TO SLEEP...aur Duniya jaya bhaad maine....:D

sujata said...

bloghopped from partha, i will admit to watching all the episodes of the rakhi sawant show, am quite addicted by now..blogging keeps stress away for me and yes, anything that I come across, I look at it from the blogit view..quite an endearing and honest post.

Rambler said...

Ooops, I have never heard of that one. Swedish movie!! I can barely
understand English ones :-).

Oh you are going to be busy over the weekend :-).Yes, am out of the blues now.Back to normal.
Hey, where is the list of 50 romantic movies?I couldn't find it on your site.

Yup movies are a big help in such times. Hmm, I am not too fond of cartoons now, but I must have watched all the Tom/Jerry cartoons as a kid.

Maggi/Tea, at least you are in a better state than me. I can make only Maggi :-).

Hey Sujata, welcome to my blog. Oh I am glad that I am not the only one who admits to watching her show. I was rolling my eyes all the time at the way she was acting coy and shy-bride like. Thanks for dropping by, cya around.

prithvi said...

Well when am suffering from blues, my hand automatically starts tapping the keys of the keyboard. I listen to instrumental music, munch some chips and write my feelings out, this has been my mantra since last 4-5 years and till now it has helped, :)

prithvi said...

I forgot to add this, I have completed your 15 books tag, and am greatful to you because I took out some of the novels out of the shelf which were gathering dust and now i plan to re-read them.... :)

JD said...

i agree with u 100 percent that sad songs are a complete no no..
nice blog here

Amrit said...

Hmmmm...this weekend you will find few comments on your old posts :)

The list is not on my blog. Will mail you and lemme know. Hope that sounds okay?!

By the way....the movies you mentioned and you asked had I watched those. I was like....hello...I have watched every single one of them. Yay...high five :)

I added few more from my side...lemme know you watched those or not.

Happy weekend. Keep smiling.

Dagadu said...

nice post Sheba ..... its great to see that inspite being in that Blue mood the post seems excellent esp the dos/donts !!

cheer up lady !!

mAnIaC! said...

Its frustration rather, that makes me feel sad! I am not so much into songs, but I do make it a point to listen (and SING OUT ALOUD, in a closed room) to some of my favorites:

- Linkin Park (Numb, Crawling - If you are hurt real bad, this is how your mind cries; they really do express frustration of your mind)
- Alvida (From Metro).
- Bheegi Bheegi (From Gangster)
... .... ... too many others to list!

And after listening to a few above, just go to an isolated park, and as fast as you can, till you are out of breath, just ... RUN! RUN! RUN!

And then a good nap of about one hour, sums it all up! And after getting up, you realize, and laugh on your stupidity! And all your thoughts then appear to be wise!

Rambler said...

Yea, venting my feelings on this blog has really helped me a lot. I have too many thoughts inside my head, and writing them down really helps.

Oh goodie, you finished the 15 books tag.I'll drop by on your blog and check your list.

Welcome to my blog. Cya around.

You were as good as your word. I did see your comments on my older posts.
Mail me for what?For blogrolling me in your blog?Sure, go ahead :-). I am glad that you like my blog enough to put in your page.

Hmm, we do seem to have same taste in movies.High five :-)

Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked the post :-).

Hmm, frustration/anger/sadness anything can give you blues. I tend to sing out aloud while driving or while stuck in traffic jams from within the confines of my helmet, so that the people around me wonder where the song
is coming from :-).

A lot of people have written about sleeping, but I tend to lose sleep when I am stressed out. Otherwise in normal situations I won't even know if an earthquake happened; I sleep very soundly.

Pankaj Upadhyay said...

Rakhi sawant..she is horrible..her blush is scary..and while surfing some news channel I got to see what she is doing there for example - inke choone se mujhe kuch nahin hota.. OMG!! she is a moron...

ok now I have to switch on myself.. What will I do??

1- obviously no ghazals this time, same case as kishore da's songs

2- movies, mood is off movies can't help..

3- phone call but to whom..everyone is doing good and I dont like to tell my problems :)

4- I'll smoke and with that think of anything...

5- any sport will work, TT would be great..

6- need to have a hot water bath or need someone who can make me laugh for a while then I will be his or hers and I will spit out everything to which I am going through..

Hope I have not showed you all the cards :)

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