Thursday, June 4, 2009

Turn Off The Lights...

Nope, this is not my favourite bedroom line! Come to think of it, I don't have a favourite bedroom line yet. If you share a room with just a bunny soft toy, you really cannot think of any bedroom lines. (Also, it doesn't help that the bunny is locked up somewhere in a cupboard because I am not really fond of soft toys!)

"Turn Off The Lights" is a game I learned to play when I was living with roomies in Pune, and invariably one or all the lights/geyser/fan switches were left switched on, even if no one was there in the room. I can't honestly say that I was worried about global warming or energy conservation when I used to go around switching off stuff; I was more worried about the electricity bill at the end of the month :-).

As another scorching summer ends, and with reports of Mumbai to witness record high tide in a 100 years this year, it makes me wonder how much of it is related to global warming? There must be hundreds and thousands of articles on global warming on the internet, and most of them very scientific and serious stuff. I liked the simple tips given on this site FightGlobalWarming and was glad to know that I followed at least a few of the tips. And if nothing else, there's always my Turn Off The Lights game.

P.S. I like to watch horror movies and get a little scared. But those horror movies are nothing compared to the ones depicting horrific situations resulting due to climate change; because there is a very fair probability that the latter may come true.

Here's the link to a few of them:

The Day After Tomorrow


Whats in a Name said...

It surely is something serious..
Somedays back I got this Global warming youtube video.
It looks funny initially, but it has a message that all is not well with our earth..:-(
Do have a look...

Anonymous said...

Okay nice article, but the real zing was the video of the second link which had sent shiver down my spines....

sm said...

nice post .

195 Degrees said...

Global warming is a very serious issue. But I read this book many years ago.. its called Doomsday 1999 or something like that by Charles Berlitz.

He mentions that the global catastrophe might actually not be a new phenomenon. Global warming would have happened anyway. We, humans, are just speeding it up with our unparalleled polluting efforts. As a proof he speaks of the mammoths being found frozen in the Northern Hemisphere. The age of their extinction actually coincides with Human migration to other parts from the current frozen parts. Berlitz suggests a very plausible theory in that book.


Amol Naik said...

Good post on world environment day! Its time to switch off my computer... ;)

Rambler said...

@What's in a Name
Nice video..I hope we'll still be laughing when it really comes true :-)

Are you talking about the 2012 trailer?It's damn scary isn't it..A friend of mine,forwarded me that, and it looked sooo scary to me!!! You know what, all the futuristic movies I have seen shows the earth as being flooded..That's why I learnt swimming this year :-)

Thanks..Do keep dropping by...

@195 Degrees
Hmm, that's an interesting thought. Ya, we are really hell bent on destroying our planet!!

@Amol Naik
Ok, this is going to sound really stupid, but I had no idea today was World environment day :-( .

Oh, please do switch off your computer. A lot of friends just leave their comps on all thru the day and night. I don't get it, can't you wait 2 minutes for the pc to start and save a little energy in the meantime...

Anonymous said...

well you might consider learning how to run fast, and stay uber-fit as well, because in the movie the day after tomorrow there was a lot of running and jumping to

agent green glass said...

gosh. i have been meaning to learn swimming. ok, not completely joking. almost got washed away the last time mumbai got that BIG flooding. good post. and yeah...wish all of us wld do more than switch off the lights for an hour on earth hour.

Suree said...

i am not so concerned about the global warming , but what i care for is the electricity bill at the end of every second month just as you ...

anyways will try to start my concern to this ubiquitous issue..


pawan said...

Indians are more ignorant to issues such as Global warming and stuff.
Down here in Visakhapatnam every Auto-wallah adds Kerosene to his Auto Rickshaw to save some bucks on petrol.
But as a result of this 'kanjusi' nature tonnes of white smoke comes from a single auto-wallah.
It is not the educated that has to be enlightened but the uneducated should be made to think!

I have dropped by your blog by chance and I should say I really liked it and I am following you outright!

Rambler said...

Hmm, i can jog for just about 20 minutes.Guess that won't be enough when the end of the world is near :-)

@Agent green glass
Thankfully i wasn't in bombay at the time of the floods. Though this year weather reports seem to suggest a repeat performance :-(

Even if people are worried about their electricity bills its ok. As long as they keep their lights switched off :-)

I don't know whether it's an issue with just indians. Yea, that tonne of white smoke is probably going to give me asthma. Feel almost like fainting while riding my two-wheeler on the streets.

And hey, welcome to my blog.Hope to see you around

Anonymous said...

clap clap,..good to see people going green, even if its for saving on bills

Shankar said...

hey..thnx for replying..can u please say whats a vizu??? easy way to add polls to posts??

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