Monday, July 28, 2008

All The Perfumes Of Arabia

Here's the smell of the blood still;
All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh,Oh, Oh!
  • A group of misguided individuals under the delusion that they are fulfilling God's will?

  • Another group hell-bent on destroying anyone and anything that attacks their faith?

  • A sore loser who will not rest till he usurps power?

  • A party trying to ward off the anti-incumbency factor by creating a diversion and instilling fear in the minds of people?

  • A country that arms the terrorists first and then goes after them when the terrorists start pointing their guns on their land?

  • A country ravaged by unrest and uprisings because of the wealth of its resources; in some cases its own leaders looting it to fill up their coffers while in other cases being attacked by others who covet its wealth?

  • A dictator so puffed up with his grandiose schemes of expansion of one race that he meticulously set about destroying others?

Whatever the reason; whoever the perpetrator; the end result is always same! If only we could rely on our conscience to guide us in doing the right thing always! In an ideal world maybe! For once, I do not feel like rambling on and want to cut this post short!


Anonymous said...

i found your blog by chance and found the posts quite nice. like the way you come up with interesting posts..keep blogging

Anonymous said...

I guess u must have read "As you sow so shall you reap".

It was not entirely clear whom u wanted to blame (i.e. if u were blaming anyone)...

nonviolence is part of an ideal world, unfortunately u and me can only dream about it.

Rambler said...

Thanks for the nice words..sure will keep on blogging..its a great way to clear my head.i dont think about stuff much after i have written them down

Rambler said...

Yes I have heard of that adage. But I am not sure I believe in it much. It keeps me away from doing nasty things. But I am not sure whether people really get punished for the wrongs they do. So many people should have suffered or died a long time ago if it were true.
I am not sure who exactly I want to blame. That's why all the
questions and nothing assertive.

Ya i know it would be ideal if these things didn't happen. Guess if we can only control our tempers and our behaviour we can make a small difference to start with. Sounds preachy doesn't it :-)

Anonymous said...

Well you seem to be like all normal people.... who seem to find pleasure in doing the wrong things.... trust me u got to try something nice for a change, it will make u feel good. (kind of preachy haan ;-))

well suffering or death are not the only punishments which make people repent... (ya i know it sounds boring and too PREACHY)

I totally agree with u on the point tht CONTROLING our emotions is very important.... CONTROLING is the key word here, thank God u didn't use suppress or any of it's synonyms... but it's also sometimes good to let them flow... (at least tht's wht the psychologist says :)))

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