Thursday, June 5, 2008


Cigarette smoking is injurious to health!
Smoking kills!
Don't drink and drive!

Are the above messages writing in some gibberish language? I can understand them perfectly well. And I suppose one doesn't need to have a high IQ to understand it. I am not going to act like Ramadoss and constantly hound Shahrukh about his smoking. If Shahrukh wants to smoke his way to death, more power to him. I don't really care about thousands of people suffering from cancer or cirrhosis. But when I see some of my near and dear ones smoking/drinking, it bothers me a little.

I really can't understand some of the arguments that people put forward.
1) It relieves stress
Really??? For how long, till the time of the hangover or the next smoking session? And is it worth all the trouble that comes later on? Isn’t that going to be more stressful?

2) I do it coz all my friends do it. It's cool.
This is probably the stupidest excuse. I thought peer pressure was supposed to end after teenage years. I would rather drink a mocktail, at least it tastes good. I used to take a bottle of bournvita to office and drink it. Who cares if people make fun! Seeing people swaying after drinking too much, stinking like hell is definitely not cool. Why is alcohol needed to have a good time? Isn't the company of friends and family enough for that?

3) It gives me a kick
Well if kick is what you want, I would be most happy to give you a kick in the rear. It's been a reaaaaaaallllllllly long time since I have hit anyone and I am just itching to do so.

We have some mini bottles of liquor at home which my dad got on his travels abroad. And long time back, I opened a bottle of vodka with every intention of drinking it. Not because I wanted to be cool or anything. But I really wanted to know what the whole fuss about alcohol is. One whiff from the bottle was enough to put me off. If the smell is this bad, I can just imagine how bad the taste would be. Some time later, I gathered up enough courage and had some sips of dessert wine. It tasted like Glycodin.No, I think Glycodin tastes better than wine.

Smoking, that I am never gonna try. I don't really need to experiment with that to know if it's good or bad. Thanks to the smokers around me, I must have already inhaled significant amount of smoke. People, if you want to smoke, please go to some secluded place. And when you come back don't just chew on some gum or mints. But also spray some deodorant on your clothes. Coz u stink so bad!!

I thought of putting up some pictures of people with cancer caused due to smoking and suffering alcoholics. But I know, it's not going to bother the people who do smoke/drink. It's just going to upset me every time I visit this page.


mAnIaC! said...

"Stupidity is not a handicap. Smoke elsewhere" read a signboard.


Rambler said...

Really quite an innovative message. Too bad only non-smokers appreciate such messages :-)

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